Top 3 Reasons Why People Choose To Invest in Real Estate

Hello, Ben Kingsley here and welcome to Home Hound Property Investment Corner. Today I want to share with you the three reasons why people choose to invest in property. Now, as a property investment advisor I’ve actually advised hundreds and hundreds of clients about why they want to invest in property and I’ve asked them that question.

The number one response is its tangible. Now by being tangible, we are talking about the assets being physical and by actually being physical, I think they get a sense of being able to understand it better and they can sort of see, touch it and feel it. It’s real to them as opposed to investing in alternative investments.

The second reason is that there is control. So when you actually buy a property, you own a 100% of that property. Now buying a 100% of that property you can actually influence the value of that property. You can do some renovations, you can improve the aesthetics of the property and you can obviously attract more and more rental, accommodation and also look at improving the capital value.

Now the final reason is they also think that property is low risk in terms of volatility. They often see property prices going up steadily over time as opposed to seeing a boom and bust that we see in the share market. Now that’s the reality in their minds as to why they are coming to have a conversation about investing in property. They see those as the three reasons as to why they want to invest in real estate.


Empower Wealth

About the Author:  Ben Kingsley is the founder & CEO of Empower Wealth – a specialist property investment advisory firm in Melbourne.  He is a Qualified Property Investment Adviser QPIA, Licensed Real Estate Agent (Buyers Agent) in VIC, NSW and QLD and licensed Finance Broker.  He is also the Chair of the Property Investment Professionals of Australia – the peak industry association for property investment specialists.

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