I know, I know! I’m certainly no fashion statement, but I could be!

I know there’s lots of prettier ones around. I know I’ve let myself go! I know I haven’t kept up with the times! But I gotta be honest that’s just how it is and I can’t pretend to be different! But hey all I need is a facelift, a makeover, anything will do!

So, don’t dismay there is hope for me!! I DO have a good floorplan with 3 bedrooms and a large family room extension. There’s a big secure carport with auto door which can easily fit two cars! Another positive is that I’m sitting on a big rambling block with plenty of room for a pool. It’s a lovely quiet street with the big Hub Shopping Centre and buses just up the road.

It won’t be hard to make me look 20 years younger and bring me into vogue with some fresh new colours, new carpets, funky new blinds and light fittings. I’d be so grateful with that for a start, then maybe in time you could give me a smart new kitchen? And maybe, just maybe you know enough friends who could form a Backyard Blitz team to spend some time with me?? I’d soooo love that!!

OK, so yes, I admit I’ve been bit despondent! Times have been a bit tough lately and clearly I’m feeling sorry for myself! But I can be easily cheered up with your modern taste and certainly your vision! Pretty please!!

So all you fixer-upperers; tradies; eager beavers; renovators; home decorators, come and see what YOU’d do to give me a new life and I promise to return you some handsome profit! Or should that be “pretty profit?!”