Potentially less than $8,400 – $14,700 per site medium density development just over 1 km from the existing subdivision

82,000 m2(20 acres) + 86,600(22 acres) 2 blocks of future urban land located in Ripley near 2 Town Centres, it is part of the approved Ripley Master Plan next to Springfield and just over 30 minutes to Brisbane CBD. The Master Planned community can potentially accommodate 120,000 people, with easy access to Brisbane through the direct link of Centenary Highway now and the planned future railway comes through the property so you could walk to the proposed railway station, major shopping complex ans school.

Recently, the local area master plan covering this block were also approved so it is ready to apply DA straight away for potentially 341 – 597 subdivision lots, terrace homes or townhouses. There is also two 4 bedroom brick lowest homes as bonus!

Where you can buy 20-35 dwelling per hectare medium density future urban land for TOD development with both Ripley Valley and Local Area Master Plan Approval for this little money per acre? It is a Gold Mine!