Hi, my name’s Kat and I DONT have a place yet – I’m actually looking for someone that I click with to house hunt with me.
I’m a 29 year old female, manage an office in the city and am pretty easy going.
I have a 15 month old well behaved Border Collie named Dexter who will be coming with me.
Happy to pay around $200 (per person) + bills. I already have foxtel and cable internet that will come with me and happy to split those bills also.
Have most furniture (dining table, kitchen wall unit/storage thingy, coffee table, BBQ, outdoor setting, washing machine etc) except a TV and couch so if you have those things for a shared living room that would be great.
I like to cook, live in a fairly clean/tidy place (but not a clean natzi) and am happy to share big cleaning duties or go halves in a fortnightly cleaner for the big stuff like floors, bathrooms etc.
I’m very social and get along with all kinds of people easily. Not a massive party animal but don’t mind if you are as long as you don’t trash the house :)
Looking for 1-2 (no gender preference) friendly, social and easygoing people around the age of 25-35 to share a 3-4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house with a backyard for the dog. Prefer to have a housemate thats going to be a friend and share a meal or hang out but someone who knows how to respect space and that wet towels dont belong on the floor.
I’m a smoker but keep this strictly outdoors.
My deal breakers are air-con (I don’t do well in the heat!) and the undercover outdoor area.
I’m ready to move now and looking to do so sooner rather than later. I’ll be out and about house hunting this weekend if your interested in meeting up before then to see if we’re a fit and we can look together.