Oval Table, Display Shelf, Various Ornaments, Egyptian Print, Foot Stool with tapestry (approx. 80 years old), Oriental Fish Door Stop, Wrought Iron Corner Display, Wire Shelving, Lounge Chairs, Mats, Computer Desk, pictures – inc Genuine Print Museum, Hyde Park, Sydney NSW, Dolls House and Doll House Furniture, Lamp Shade, Carved Oak Blanket Chest, Electric Chair, Fantasy Display Figurine Set from Xanth Novels by Piers Anthony, Large Tureen (1859) with Grape Design, China Plates Japanese Patten, Pewter wear – Inc Quarte mug marked H Roberts, Red Lion, Portland St, Soho, Brass Candlesticks, Copper long handled warming pan, Brass and Copper chestnut roaster, Brass oil lamps – converted to electric, Old butter scales, Brass and Iron confectionery scales, Cut glass fruit bowls, Brass Toasting Handles, Various brass horse buckles – some in mounted sets, Book Case, Small Wine Rack, Round Dining Table and 4 Chairs, Wall Hangers, Various Books, Set of 6 Decanters with Metal Tags, Various Kitchenware/Cutlery/Crockery/Appliances, Veggie Keeper, Step, Stool, Tea Caddie, Wall Clock, Combination LG Fridge and freezer, Freezer, Brass Coal Shuttle, Storage Cabinet, Bidet, Iron, Step Stool, Drying Rack, Folding Chair, Washing Machine, Dryer, ONIX Steam mop, BISSELL Quickwash, Handheld Steamer Cleaner, DYSON Vacuum, First Aid Case, Brooms, GMC Vacuum/Dust Extractor, Shower Seat, Laundry Cabinet, Stool, Dresser, Chest of Drawers, Bedside Cabinet, Bed, Oblong drop leaf side Table, Cane Laundry Basket, Paintings, Step Ladder, Office Chair, Painted Metal Storage Bin, Jewellery Box with Mirror, Ceramic Tower Heater, Bed Step, Book shelf, Single Bed, Standard Lamp, Office Chair, Blanket Chest, Shopping Trolleys, Laundry Basket, Bed Table, Book Shelf, Storage Cabinets, Large Table, 2 Door Cabinets, 1 Door Cabinet, 4 Draw Cabinets, Filing Cabinet, Metal Shelving, Desk, Portable Table, 10 Draw Filing Shelf, 6 Set of Mugs Set (Hornsea)- Poisons, Table Light, Paper Shredder on Stand, Electric Hedge Trimmer, Electric Garden Vacuum, Rechargeable Drill, Garden Tools, Walker, Various collectables, Large collection of pig figurines and statues and further sundries too numerous to mention
TERMS: Cash on day of sale
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