Proven resource of 8 million cubic metres of high quality peat.

Rarely does an opportunity in such a lucrative and thriving market with such enormous potential present itself.

Would be ideally suited to any Australian or Overseas company to establish itself into this very specialised market.

Peat Harvesting has occurred on the site since 1940′s with a mining lease officially granted in 1979.

Present owners are now seeking to sell outright, joint venture or lease of the mine.

Peat’s properties allow for a wide range of applications, both Horticultural and Industrial. One of the primary uses of peat is in potting mixtures and fertilisers. The mine which covers an area of 29.96 hectares with 21 hectares of peat outlined.

Drilling conducted revealed reserves in the order of 8 million cubic metres. These reserves were deemed to be of a high quality black lignin variety, which falls between the reed-sedge peat and peat humus in level of decomposition and is suitable for application in the mushroom and horticultural industry.

Drilling has also revealed black organic clay from depth of 46m to 64m. Theses deposits have a potential commercial use.

Peat use in Australia is primarily centred around the mushroom farming industry and the nursery industry.

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