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AREA: 1,506 hectares (3,721 acres).

RAINFALL: Approximately 500 mm (20 inches).

ACCESS: Access to the property is considered to be good by local standards. It does have access to Cubbaroo Lane (9 kilometres gravel) off the Merah North to Burren Junction road.

SERVICES: Rural power is connected, school bus is available. Mail is available 3 times weekly.

Grain handling facilities are available at Merah North approximately 25 kilometres to the East. Cotton gin facilities are available at Wee Waa and Merah North.

FLOODING: The country is generally subject to inundation in its natural state in times of large flood events. However, the irrigation development is all flood protected as allowed by the Department of Land and Water.

The buildings are on a ridge area.

LOCATION: The access road is by tar sealed road for 32 kilometres via Merah North, then 9 kilometres gravel and loam road to the Boundary.

Wee Waa has a population of about 2,300 people, a basic shopping centre, both Primary and Secondary schooling. Wee Waa has a Bowling Club (2 greens), large entertainment Centre Hall, 9 hole grass green golf course, basketball stadium, hockey, soccer, Aussie Rules ovals, tennis courts, Shire Pool etc. Wee Waa has a flood levee bank around it.
Narrabri has a population of approximately 7,500 and has all the sporting and recreational facilities available i.e. golf, tennis, bowls, cricket, basketball, hockey etc. Primary and Secondary schooling with TAFE College facilities. Daily air, train and bus service to all the major cities. Weekly store and fat stock sales.


The country is all generally level black self mulching coolibah clay soils.

There are small areas of red ridges through, but generally the country is all of good quality.

Original timber was mainly coolibah with large open areas and some box on the ridges.


Approximately 411 hectares fully developed and protected, for flood irrigation.

Approximately 16 hectares developed for grapes, levelled and protected for flood irrigation.
Approximately 500 hectares prepared for cultivation and including irrigation support land taken up by roads, channels and dams.

The remainder is grazing and varies from open to parts heavier timber.

WATER SUPPLY: Domestic water is supplied from rainwater and from an equipped bore at the house.

Irrigation water is supplied from the Pian Creek via a main supply channel across the neighbours property.

Stock water is provided via 4 earth dams, 2 tanks and 3 troughs.

FENCING: The boundary of the property is fully fenced and generally in good order. It is subdivided into 8 main paddocks.

Stock have always been run in conjunction so the fencing has been kept in good order.


Homestead: 4 bedroom weatherboard home well set amongst trees and lawns. Includes entrance hall, main bathroom and separate ensuite, formal lounge room, dining room, 2 kitchens, 3 x gauzed verandahs.

4 bedroom weatherboard cottage and 1 bedroom weatherboard cottage.
Bulk Grain Shed – Size Approximately 23.1 m x 9.2 m, skillion 9.2 m x 9.2 m
Machinery Shed – Enclosed on 3 sides – Size: 9.2 m x 6 m
Woolshed: 3 stand motor driven shed with steel yards.
Workshop: Steel and timber frame part concrete floor in workshop section.
Wine Cellars: Historic building moved to the site in the 1970’s with the original cellars over 100 years old. The cellars have been expanded over time and now include a cool room, storeroom, large fully covered and concreted beer garden and entertainment areas.
Additional structures include: 2 x garages, stables and yards, saddle shed, 2 x 40 tonne silos, cattle yards, and “A” frame quarters.


Irrigation development commenced in the late 1970’s and has been added to and improved over the years.

Irrigation water is pumped from the pump site on the Pian Creek via a supply channel across the neighbouring property to the north and under the Merah North to Walgett Railway to the North East corner of the development to the first storage or can be transported to the South across the floodway to the remainder of the development.

The development comprises 14 flood protected fields. The irrigation layout is relatively simple with 2 river pumps and 3 tail water return instillations.

The development is split by a floodway from East to West with 6 fields to the north and 8 to the South of the floodway.

Field runs appear to vary from about 500 to a little over 700 metres.

Each section has a tail water return system back to the storage.

Fields are of varying sizes from 10 hectares to 48 hectares and the shape varies also. The problem this creates is point rows. However, the irrigation system is good without being outstanding.

LICENCES: 1 x 972 megalitre Pian Creek Licence, 8 megalitres stock and domestic and 684.5 megalitres of supplementary water.

1 x 593 megalitres Base Bore allocation (subject to review).
1 x 425.4 megalitre supplementary licence (former special additional licence).

Water available: 435.7 megalitres General Security, 8 megalitres stock and domestic, 614.9 megalitres supplementary water (both licences) and, 1,352 megalitres bore water.

The development comprises 15 flood protected fields with the development split by a floodway 6 fields to the North and 9 fields to the South. The irrigation layout is relatively simple with 2 river pumps and 3 tail water return installations.

WATER STORAGE: There are 2 separate water storages. They hold a total of approximately 1,300 megalitres.

The original storage North of Field 5N is older and fairly shallow. The new one adjacent F11 is deeper and looks well built.


The river pump installation comprises 2 separate pumps, being;

20” Chinese pump equipped with a John Deere 6 cylinder diesel motor. This installation should pump approximately 70 megalitres per day.

There is very little lift from the creek.

A 16” axial flow pump equipped with a 6 cylinder Perkins diesel motor. This installation will pump approximately 30 – 40 megalitres per day.

Lift Pump No 1 (at new Dam)

It comprises a 20” Centrifugal Chinese pump equipped with a CAT Turbo 6 cylinder motor.

There is also a 12” Centrifugal pump equipped with a 6 cylinder motor.

This installation will deliver river water to the Dam or pick up tail water from Fields 7 – 12.

Lift Pump No 2 (Old Storage)

This is located at the first storage and comprises a 20” Centrifugal Chinese pump equipped with a John Deere 6 cylinder diesel motor.

There is also a 16” Axial flow pump equipped with a 6 cylinder Perkins motor.

This installation will deliver river water to the storage or pick up tail water.

Lift Pump No 3 (At Field 6)

This comprises a 20” Centrifugal pump equipped with a 6 cylinder motor.

GRAPES: Approximately 15 hectares are permanently planted to wine grapes.

11 hectares comprise Shiraz vines 30 years old. 4 hectares are Cabernet Sauvignon, only 3 years old.

They have produced fruit in most years, although this season they have not been watered and are only producing a minimal crop.

They use similar water to cotton.

CUBBAROO CELLARS: The cellars are currently not operating but still maintain 3 licences being an on-licence (restaurant), off-licence (Wholesale) off-licence (Retail).

Price is including Winter Crops sown and water on farm and in keepit dam.


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