Hi I am looking for someone to rent a room and share the house with me. I have most things in the place including a bed (double) in the room to rent if its needed. The place is great and I would have a hard time living elsewhere. Its a double story townhouse with air conditioning in the bedrooms heating everywhere cool kitchen and a dishwasher. There is also permit on street parking or you can park for free on the otherside of the road if you want to try your luck. You will be renting the master bedroom wich comes with its own ensuite there is also a bed desk and draws if required.I am looking for someone who is easy going has no trouble paying the rent and bills and can help keep the place reasonably clean. Also I dont mind going out with housemates from time to time but also looking for someone who is fairly independant as well.Just so there is no confusion the rent is actually $827 per calender month. While it may seem expensive to some. I have found that I have saved the difference in pertol since I mived in from the middle to outer suburbs.So let me know if you are interested. I have uploaded a picture of me so you know who you will be living with and 2 of the place. This was when another housemate was moving out so the place is a little bit of a mess. Its better now though.Nick